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Composite Applications For Pergolas

A Pergola is both a visual focal point and the perfect space to spend the afternoon relaxing in the shade. Pergolas add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space and lend themselves to use for special occasions, from weddings to leisurely family lunches. Lifespan composite beams can be used to create a lovely pergola that looks like wood but withstands the test of time with virtually no maintenance.
Photography by: Chris Scott | Copyright © Scotty Photography – All rights reserved.

Benefits of Eva-Last Lifespan

The Lifespan aluminium bamboo composite beams are an excellent choice when considering a pergola. They are versatile, easy to install, and their unique hollow aluminium core coated in a bamboo composite, gives the benefits of being low maintenance, weather, and UV resistant and an eco-friendly alternative to timber.

Lifespan beams have become the product of choice when it comes to forward-thinking commercial and domestic projects. Be it an architectural showpiece, a wraparound pergola that designates an outdoor seating area or an overhead pergola to give an outdoor area a little shade and design interest, Lifespan is the practical choice.

Choosing the right site for a pergola

The functionality of a pergola is equally as important as its aesthetic. Whether its extra protection from the sun or simply a design feature, it is best to map out the pergola footprint and the direction of the sun to ensure correct orientation.

Choosing the right Lifespan beam

The beautiful, matte brushed softwood finish of Lifespan Eva-tech bamboo composite beams come in a variety of colours and widths to enable diversity of aesthetic and functional applications.

As an example of a well-proportioned pergola, we would recommend 150 x 50mm beams as the bearers with 100x30mm beams as joists. These can be overlayed with 50x30mm beams to create a lattice over the joists to mimics the look of a wooden Pergola and offers just the right amount of shade.

A Pergola creates an inviting spot to sit under, unwind, and take in the view. Choosing Lifespan composite beams to create a pergola means choosing to enjoy your free time beneath a beautiful, low-maintenance, sustainable structure. View all life span colours and profiles here.