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Composite Applications For Pool & Jacuzzi Covers

Creating a pool or jacuzzi cover from bamboo composite boards is a pragmatic and innovative approach to concealing or protecting a water feature in your outdoor space. Using composite allows you to make your pool or jacuzzi cover a visual highlight instead of an eyesore, and it makes maintenance that much easier.

Benefits of Eva-Last Bamboo Composite

Eva-Last bamboo composite is exceptionally low-maintenance with built-in UV resistance to protect your pool or jacuzzi cover from significant fading even in direct sunlight. All three eco-friendly bamboo composite ranges by Eva-Last can be used for this application since all three composite ranges offer moisture resistance and prevent mould which is typically a challenge with traditional covers. Apex, Infinity, and Eva-tech are also all resistant to weather and biodegradation.

If correctly planned and supported, Eva-Last composite boards can be used to create covers which covert into a solid deck, when securely placed over the pool. Some designs even incorporate unique sliding cover applications that extend a deck area when they are slid out to cover the pool.

Infinity IS capped bamboo composite is our top recommendation for pool and jacuzzi covers. Infinity IS offers exceptional durability thanks to its resilient protective capping. This unique capping helps preserve the integrity of the composite board and safeguards the surface from scratching, even in instances where pool and jacuzzi covers are regularly moved around or stored away. Infinity IS is also the most resistant to contact with chlorinated water.

The unique I-beam shape design of Infinity I-Series makes it a lightweight composite profile which is an essential consideration for a removable cover. The Infinity IS design prevents water ingress and moisture-related issues, thanks to the open “feet” of the profile, will not allow water or moisture to settle. The I-Series design also provides better heat dissipation which ensures a cooler composite and will make handling a pool or jacuzzi cover gentler on the hands and cooler on the feet.

If you are considering a pool or jacuzzi cover, it is imperative to review the safety regulations related to open, water feature covers and consult with a professional when constructing and installing such covers, to ensure optimal safety and piece of mind.

Make your pool or jacuzzi cover an attractive and safe feature within your outdoor space rather than a cumbersome, unsightly maintenance burden thanks to Eva-Last composite.