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Composite Applications For Cladding

Composite cladding is taking the market by storm as more and more home and business owners opt for a low-maintenance, long-lasting cladding that offers the look of wood without the upkeep.

Cladding is an effective way of adding style to your space while also protecting your walls. While cladding is traditionally thought of for external applications, the popularity of indoor cladding is also on the rise.


While Eva-Last deck boards in Apex Plus, Infinity IS or Eva-Tech IS can all be used to create exterior cladding, commonly termed Deck-On-The-Wall, it is our VistaClad bamboo composite cladding which we recommend for cladding applications. VistaClad is cutting-edge in both its smart design and its natural look. This lightweight cladding system utilises innovative clip strips to lock cladding boards into place. It installs easily and is low-maintenance, highly weather resistant, cost-effective, and sustainable. It also has a range of trims and accessories to complete your cladding project. VistaClad is available in an Infinity finish. Its protective polymer cap ensures a weather, moisture, insect, and UV resistant cladding that comes in a range of natural colours allowing you to enjoy a beautiful wood-look exterior with less maintenance.


Eva-Last composite can bring the beauty of natural timber to your outdoors as well as your indoor space.

VistaClad can be easily installed on interior walls to add a one-of-a-kind feature to your indoor living or commercial space. Along with its aesthetic appeal, VistaClad offers exceptional low-maintenance and long-term durability to make your indoors not only beautiful but virtually maintenance free.

VistaClad’s weather resistant properties are also ideal for interiors with high levels of moisture, particularly bathrooms and can be considered an ideal alternative to wall tiling for a wooden feature wall in any bathroom.

Whether you’re in the market for indoor or outdoor cladding, Eva-Last has a product range to bring natural beauty to your residential and commercial space.